COVID-19 Safety Procedures

Our Covid-19 Stay Safe Strategy

Due to the nature of our business as COVID-19 restrictions are relaxed we felt it necessary to complete an up to date risk assessment looking at all the areas of our procedures alongside government guidelines. Our priority is, as always, to ensure all our flight instructors, staff, students and everyone visiting the flying school are kept as safe as possible and therefore our COVID SAFE strategy remains largely in place until there is a significant reduction in cases, details of which you can find below.

Trial Lessons and Experience Customers

  • COVID-free declarations are to be completed before you arrive. Students are asked to complete and renew on a lesson by lesson basis. We are also asking that you email us your day membership forms as well as your ID prior to your flight. This is to make sure that check-in is as contactless as possible.
  • All pilots, instructors and ground crew will be wearing PPE and we kindly ask you to wear a face covering throughout your visit to protect yourself and our staff
  • Hand sanitiser is available and we ask that you sanitise every time you enter the building.
  • Our briefings will be carried out by a member of our ground crew with social distancing in mind; in small groups inside with plenty of ventilation or outside for larger groups. All flyers will be sent a link to our briefing video before they arrive if being briefed outside.
  • We ask any guests/spectators who are not flying to remain outside the flying school wherever possible.
  • Our games, drinks machine and water cooler are currently not in use, but bottles of water are available to purchase.
  • Lockers may not be in use so please minimise the belongings you carry into the flying school; ideally leave keys, wallets and phones etc. with someone or alternatively in the car.
  • Clean/wash/sanitise your hands before you enter the aircraft and immediately after
  • Face coverings are mandatory in the flying school and the cockpit, keeping both you and our flight instructors safe. Advice on positioning your glasses/sunglasses to avoid steaming up will be given.
  • If you are exempt from wearing a face mask you will need to attend a Covid-19 walk-in test centre on the morning of your flight and show a negative result via text message/email. Unfortunately a home lateral flow test will not be accepted.
  • We have removed our social distancing signage but we respectfully ask that where possible you keep a sensible distance from staff, instructors and other flyers.


In addition to the above students and self-fly hirers will be given their own set of headset PPE; protecting both the microphone and the ears pieces and will be asked to complete a lateral flow test before flying if they do not want to wear a face covering.


We understand there’s a lot of information to take in but please be assured these measures remain in place to protect you (and our staff) and will not affect your enjoyment of your flight. Our ground crew or instructor will remind you of our safety procedures, so don’t worry if you can’t remember it all. If you have any questions or exceptional circumstances that may mean that you are unable to follow any of our COVID SAFE procedures please contact a member of the team before you arrive